High Density 5″ Height x 24″ Width x 24″ Length

(18 customer reviews)


  • Made in the USA
  • Will last 7 to 10 years
  • Density : 1.8 , 44lb compression
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Our foams are made in the USA! High density foam has a compression rate of 44 lbs. This means for every 44 lbs on a general idea, your foam will compress by 1 inch.

High density foam is designed for that firm feeling for those who don not want to sink into their couch.

100% recovery rate, durability : durable, high density foam suitable for long-term use.

All foam sheets are sold per sheet not per yard and rolled for packaging.

Packing, shipping and cutting:  foam packages need to be opened immediately once you receive the package. Do not let the foam sit unopened for more than 1 week. Do not open with a box cutter. Use a ball point pen or a pencil. Start by making a little incision and break it from there.

Durability : will last 7 to 10 years.

Care instructions : when unpacking, allow at least 2 days for the foam to breathe in order to recover its original size and form.

Ideal uses for foams: Mattresses, Chair Pads, Seat Pads, Cushion, Chairs, Furniture, Pillow, Seat Cushions, Chair Cushions, Patio Cushions, Furniture Cushions, Rocking Chair, Car Seats, Upholstery Repair, Chair Upholstery, Foam Mattress, and Mattress.



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18 reviews for High Density 5″ Height x 24″ Width x 24″ Length

  1. Dawn Casper

    I need 5 high 24 inch wide and 26 long with a 2 inch topper

  2. Gary (verified owner)

    Great service

  3. Megan

    Can this foam be cut to size?

  4. Marie (verified owner)

    It was easy, fast and exactly what I expected and wanted. I recommend them ?

  5. Siobhan Dove

    How can I buy this 5 inch foam rubber?

  6. Raymond B. (verified owner)

    For heavier people say 200 plus. It’s perfect

  7. Elsie B (verified owner)

    Very reasonably priced

  8. Dilip

    Can we custom order 1@ 5″H x 15″ D x 71″W foam and 1@ 5″H x 27″D x 57″ W pieces of foam?
    Or do we have to order something close to what you have and then cut our selves?

  9. Charlene kimbrough

    Need 30 wide 78-80 long 5-6 thick

  10. Abdulhafedh

    I’m looking for wholesale price
    And customize different size
    Length 3 meters
    Width 1 meters
    High 25 centimetres
    Please advise
    Best regards
    Abdulhafedh Aldhurani

  11. Randall P. (verified owner)

    Fast service and a quality product.

  12. Kathryn H. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. I will be ordering more foam for another cushion.

  13. Charlie Dees

    What is the foam material?

  14. Anonymous

    Great quality, going to order more bigger size for replacing sofa cushions.

  15. Carol N. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent service

  16. Jerry Baugh (verified owner)

    You did fine. It was my fault; I mismeasured and will soon order one more 5″ thick, 24×24″ piece to cut it to fill in spaces (sides of 3 pieces) I had cut too narrow. Thanks. Jerry Baugh.

  17. Arlene G. (verified owner)

  18. Margo Klabough (verified owner)

    Great foam; the sofa feels new! Very fast delivery.

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